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Решение Android Utility v116.00.1644

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Android Utility v116.00.1644

Запускается без карты, просто два раза тяпнуть на yes

⦿ added Samsung A04e [A042F] Clear & Write RPMB via preloader mode

⦿ added Android Utility v116, No Smart Card Edition.

⦿ If the smart card is connected, the software will continue to the full version,
otherwise the tool will load the limited edition.

Note :

The non-smart card limited edition has been added, and options have been deleted;
Format Samsung Qualcomm Disable knox via ADB Qualcomm tab features
The limited edition is integrated with the basic edition.
If the program recognizes the smart card, it will access the full version.
If no dongle or box is connected, the program will enter the limited version.

Easy Information :

if you insert SmartCard Box or Dongle - Full Functions no Limitation

If no Smart Card is Connection it will still work but in basic mode .
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