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Новые версии ПО для Infinity Box


Infinity Team
Представитель поддержки продукта
Выпущено обновление Infinity-Box [BEST] NK2 v1.05 с поддержкой Nokia 3310(2G), Nokia 5.1 и прочих труднопереводимых технических подробностей.
Как обычно, всё делается в основном при помощи нажатия одной кнопки и отдельного описания новых возможностей не требуется из-за простоты использования.

Информация с техническими подробностями с официального сайта - https://www.infinity-box.com/news/?r=1250

Качать тут - http://www.infinity-box.com/support/?r=12&a=47


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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/UniSoc v2.01 - UniReader Edition! Android 4-5-6-7-8-9!
- Core
Protocol updated
Alternate protocol support activated ( automatic switch depends on model )

- New Self-Learning engine for semi-supported devices !
In case of problem with device servicing - during identify session SW will make new database record
That record available from boot menu after that to use exactly for this device line
That will fix any incompatibility loader <-> device problems and remove any servicing issues

- Service
Identify - better structure detection, simlock state info
Identify - Userdata state detection optimized
Format FS - Forced Format revised

- Flasher
Optimized PAC handling
Optimized older device line support ( Sc7715-Sc9832 from SPRD )
NVManager updated - Identify, Security swap and verification, Recovery mode
Activated flashing of own FlashFile format files made by FWReader

- Firmware Reader activated!
Allow read ANY security level phone from Spreadtrum or UniSoc on almost all Android OS versions!

Support OLD SPRD line devices:
SC7715, SC7731, SC9820, SC9832, SC9850 and their revisions and modifications
Plain, Signed and RSA-enabled
Android 4, Android 5, Android 6, Android 7 lines are supported (higher versions were NOT released from SPRD)

Support NEW UniSoc line devices:
SC7731E,SC9832E,SC9863,SC9850,SC9820E and their revisions and modifications
Plain, Signed and RSA-enabled
Android 6, Android 7, Android 8, Android 9 lines are supported (lower versions were NOT released from UniSoc)
Arch32/Arch64 support

Support "SPRD"-like chipsets with Intel X86 arch
SC9853I and its modifications and revisions
Plain, Signed and RSA-enabled
Android 6, Android 7, Android 8 lines are supported

It is the only existing and complete solution 

Additional info:
Firmware use OWN format.
Firmware is COMPLETE one, allow to fix any sw-related state including FlashChip erase, change or complete SW rebuild
Unlike older SWReader version used in V1 line there is no need in bunch of additional re-connection operations or to make something special.

- Database:
New generic boots included, some boots updated

- Other
Bug fixes and some changes according users requests

- Known issues:
[1] UniSoc line is SLOW. It is VERY SLOW! Unlike SPRD ones, it consume x4-x5-x6 more time comparing to old SPRD.
We made almost all possible for now to speed it up. And that is limit for protocol.
In near time it should be some speed up to 20-30% but this solution still require some more time.
[2] UniSoc devices with ARB active may dead on wrong SW version flashing at Android 9 line.
We checking that issue and collecting samples. According users test and reports solution will follow.
[3] Some old devices after FW flashing may gone to "Encryption Unsuccessfull" state, right now - "ResetPhone" button enough.
[4] Sw will try always, in any case retrieve all device-side keys/security during flashing and identify, if they exists inside.
Much backups better, that nothing. Actual for devices with paired/signed security and/or active keybox.
[5] NAND devices on SC9820,SC7715,SC8830 not supported yet for FW reading

Пароль 12345678
Последнее редактирование модератором:
2019-10-15 Infinity Chinese Miracle II SCR/SPD-RDA v1.05 - New models and features

Supported CPU list:
Spreadtrum: SC6530, SC6531, SC6531(A/C/D)
UniSoc: SC6531E, SC6533, SC6533G
RDA Mirco: RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL
RDA Micro: RDA8826

RDA Mirco RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL
RDA Micro RDA8826
Spreadtrum SC6533/G:

Updated LOD tools ( Factory LOD support revised )
UserCode reading improved 

Spreadtrum/UniSoc SC6530/6531/A/C/D/E:

New feature activated: Complete identification
During Binary Dump selection SW will extract complete device info ( build version, time, HW details etc. )
During PAC file selection SW will extract complete device info ( build version, time, HW details etc. )
During Flash Reading SW will extract complete device info ( build version, time, HW details etc. )
Readout naming changed to DeviceInfo details instead of flash size/flash vendor

Repair security revised 
Database revised, loaders updated ( extended range of supported SC6531EFM devices with 4-8MB flash )

Spreadtrum/UniSoc other:
Protocol updated, error codes handling activated
SC6531 with 16MB flash support revised 
FTM during flashing now make DNVM clean, FS clean and structure verification
UserCode reading improved 
Some other bugfixes and small changes

"HardLock" detection feature for SP-locked device activated under test

We are looking for SP-locked samples RDA Micro / UniSoc / SPDR FP platforms. Please contact to rd [at] infinity-box.com if you have units for test on hands.
пароль 12345678



1 736
Россия, Иваново

Выкладываю для удобства скачивания

Лог обновления:



Последнее редактирование модератором:


Infinity-Box Data Explorer v1.00 - Initial Release!

Это программное обеспечение является отдельным продуктом, это означает, что вы должны купить «Активацию Data Explorer» у своего продавца, чтобы иметь возможность использовать это программное обеспечение.
«Активация Data Explorer» доступна для следующих продуктов Infinity:
- Infinity-Box / Dongle
- Infinity [BEST]
- Infinity CDMA-Tool



9 569
4 563
с криптоваными дампами тоже работает?

На этих процессорах?)))))))
Supported devices:
MTK with NOR flash types, in most cases based on CPU types like MT625x, MT626x, and some MT622x

А интересно, почему же не совместили с контент экстрактором?))))
Или так лучше?)
Жаль чуток скидки?)))))))))


Infinity Data Explorer
Представитель поддержки продукта
Россия, Саранск
Уточнил. Активация для карт Content Extractor доступна тоже. К тому же для всех карт с активацией Content Extractor сделанной после 01.01.2014 - действует скидка на активацию Data Explorer


Infinity Data Explorer
Представитель поддержки продукта
Россия, Саранск
Infinity Data Explorer v1.01 - new features and improvements

Data extraction based on full reconstruction of file system

- NAND flash types are partially supported
- Additional information extraction supported such as IMEI(s), User Code
- More contacts types are supported
- Open folder with result file(s) after finish: option can be enabled in `Settings` page
- Minor bugs fixed

password - 12345678



Infinity Team
Представитель поддержки продукта
Infinity Data Explorer v1.02 - more devices and CPU types supported

- MTK module updated: more device supported
- SPD based firmware images are supported (spd6530 - spd6531 cpu)
- Show Additional info (IMEIs, User Code) for SPD based firmware images
- Contacts save procedure improved
- GUI improvements
- Analyze engine improvements
- Minor bugs fixed

Скачивать ТУТ

Пароль архива там же, где и скачивать


Infinity Team
Представитель поддержки продукта
Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.07 - New models and features

Извиняюсь за страницу забугорного текста, но переводить сложновато

NewSOC : MT6785 support under test
NewSOC : MT6885 support under test
Changed : Protocol updated for RAPHAEL line
Changed : Protocol updated for LEGACY line
BugFix : MT6752 support fixed
BugFix : MT8172/MT8173/MT8176 BROM support fixed
BugFix : MT6570 support fixed
Changed : EMI engine revised
Changed : AutomaticBoot selection revised. More types and combinations are supported.
Changed : Loader v1924 supported and tested
Changed : Loader v1936 supported and tested
Changed : Loader v1944 supported and tested

Flasher :
New feature: unmerged signature support
- Files with external signatures now flash correctly
New feature: Forced mode for Raphael line
- Allow automatically skip repartition, erase operations if it was not allowed without break flashing
New feature: WHOLE Flash Pre-Erase
- Erase whole USER region. Destroy ALL data include unique and secure one! Support both Modern and Legacy lines.
Changed: Repartition procedure rebuild to support modern devices and special cases (user memory issues and other fixes)
New feature: Smart erase
- In manual mode selection and enabled pre-erase all unchecked partitions will not be touched
- Storage boundary checks now works correct on legacy and modern lines

Firmware Reader / Maker:
Changed: Local DB updated to latest version
Changed: Scatter creation support latest platforms and variants
Changed: Scatter compatibility with SPFT optimized ( for DL only mode )
New feature: FileSystem creation and params now generated according Android version
New feature: Ability to skip "critical" partitions verification during read ( bl-unlocked devices and specific cases )

New feature: Switch working mode ( ADR - PRT options in global settings ) without tool restart (no need to exit and run software again)
New feature: Error ignoring on RAPHAEL line devices. Errors are not triggers shutdown anymore.
Changed: Update PMT operation rebuild. Support modern devices and use multiple factors now.
Changed: Init preloader operation. Support plain preloader dumps that was created by MemoryTool.
Changed: Partition listing style on LEGACY devices. In case of protected regions do not triggered shutdown anymore.
Changed: Write operation now handle correctly some sparse images used in Android 9 and newer versions

BugFix: Format FS procedure updated
BugFix: Reset FRP procedure updated
BugFix: Identify procedure updated and revised
New feature: eMMC life counter check during Identify
- Show, if possible by Agent or HW, storage life status. LifeCycleEnd(ReadOnly), LifeCycleNearEnd states.
- Support only Raphael newer than MT6739. Support NAND devices as well ( MT6570 )

New feature: Reset Privacy Locks
- Support old and modern devices. Procedure is USERDATA SAFE if that required

Base Loader v1924 included
Base Loader v1936 included
Base Loader v1944 included
New TECNO sec agents included
New VIVO sec agents included
New ALCATEL sec agents included
New Hisense sec agents included
New Moto sec agents included
New Huawei sec agents included
New Lenovo agents included
And other different and generic models can be found in list

Changed: Base DB revised, unused and "buggy" types removed from BASE agents.
- Change settings if DA version not contain your device platform
Changed: EMIDb updated, more types supported
Changed: Preloader parser now shows more complete memory details

Thanks to:
Special thanks to respected Mr. gracy_elec
Special thanks to respected Mr. Kamal_singla



Infinity Team
Представитель поддержки продукта
PANUA жив.... Бабло кончилось...

Русским по белому везде пишется, что это совершенно отдельный и новый продукт от совершенно других человеков.
Да, иногда очень хочется "быть в теме", но время от времени случается так, что искромётная фраза с претензией на "знание кухни" показыват только полнейшее незнание ситуации.


Infinity Team
Представитель поддержки продукта
Infinity Data Explorer v1.03 - RDA based firmware images are supported and more

Data extraction based on full reconstruction of file system

- MTK module improvements
- RDA based firmware images are supported
- Show Additional info (IMEIs, User Code) for RDA based firmware images
- GUI improvements
- Minor bugs fixed

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/UniSoc v2.04 - Xiaomi, KaiOs, RepairSec, PACv2 and more

Silent work is much better than thousand words...

- Support for PACv2 format activated
- Core updated
- Protocol updated
- SC9820E support activated ( Generic and Secure types )

- Repair security option activated
Allow repair device security items on generic devices
Work in Flash mode
Work in DiagChan mode
SimLock-enabled devices may NOT work
Security-enabled devices will NOT work

- Firmware Flasher updated
Updated core
Updated PAC types support
Revised NVManager

- Firmware Reader updated
More accurate data verification
Reading speed optimized for some UniSoc models
Android version-depend mode activated ( allow avoid flashing issues on android 9 and newer )
KaiOS devices supported ( SC7731E eMMC, SC9820E eMMC tested and working ) now for Read Firmware

- Identify procedure revised
Now it also support for security verification ( signed NV )
Better FS state verification
More usable build props info extraction

- Revised manual mode selection and possible combinations ( can combine firmware and loader from any source )

- Loader database
SC7715 eMMC loaders included
SC9820 loaders updated
SC9863 loaders updated
SC9820E eMMC loaders included
Various range of models from Wiko, LYF, BLU, BQ, Symphny, Itel and others included in DB

- Other
Bug fixes and changes according users requests

- Extra
Xiaomi QIN 1S+ supported ( Identify, Repair, Firmware Reading, Reset Settings ) BKey : Call button
Xiaomi QIN 2 supported ( Identify, Firmware Flash, Repair, Firmware Reading, FRP, Reset Settings ) Bkey : Assistant button
Xiaomi QIN 2 Pro supported ( Identify, Firmware Flash, Repair, Firmware Reading, FRP, Reset Settings ) Bkey : Assistant button



Infinity Team
Представитель поддержки продукта
Выпущена версия Infinity CM2MT2 v2.08
Подробнее ТУТ
Много нового. Если предыдущая версия не справлялась с каким-либо аппаратом, то самый верный способ проверки - попробовать новой версией и посмотреть на результат.
Верх Низ