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CPF-BOX and Dongle update .

Xоть и с опозданием, но всего самого самого!

Added new cable model in cable list E117-E125
Added new detect pinout method for MTK&SPD platform

Update Spreadtrum platform V3.85
1:Supported 8800D CPU read/write/change IMEI/customer format/
direct read lock code
2:Supported WT6226A CPU read/write Full flash/recovery factory

Update MTK platform V2.65
Update MTK Expanded platform V3.02
1:Improved AUTO format for MT6128,6219 CPU
2:Improved MT6235 read/write/decrypted for MTK Expanded platform
3:Improved MT6225,6226..etc with 32MB flash ic write/decrypted for
MTK Expanded platform
4:Improved MT6235,6223 direct read lock code function
5:Added new function for MT6235 change IMEI
6:Added show hardware IC info function for MTK Expanded platform
7:Improved MT6235 Nor Flash read/write
8:Improved MT6228 CPU write


Последнее редактирование модератором:
Special Note: Any time you upgrade, You must closed platform.Then u can install new version.

Note:If u have installed CPF_BOX_II_Setup2008.08.07main.exe ,then you can direct install this time update.If you haven't installed that one, please download it first.


Update details:

Update Spreadtrum platform V3.93
Improved boot"H" for direct found IMEI and password
Improved SPD8800D read,supported TD900D
Supported TV00560002EDGB Flash ic

Update Infineon platform V2.27
Improved 7880 write

Update ANYKA platform V3.07
Supoorted HY27UV08G5M

Update MTK Expanded platform V3.10
Improved MT6235 write

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